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With a generic doll and some paint, artists are able to take your favorite celebrities and movie characters and turn them into life-like looking tiny humans. The detail is just so uncanny for something this small. Pay attention to the little details in every photo : the contouring, the stubble, the veins, the makeup, the pores, the eyes. Even the hairstyles were cut to match perfectly. Check them out!

Katniss Everdeen

Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort

Jenny From The Block

Princess Diana



Thriller Michael Jackson

Devil Wears Prada


Which one is your favorite?
the artist who remakes them are awesome i forgot his name but i saw a video of him actually recreating the doll
Michael Jackson for me. These are amazing......but I bet it must be mad expensive to buy them.
that is so cool. Now that person needs to put those faces on a robot to give them personality ....soon to make tge movie AI: Artificial Intelligence movie become our reality to make robots like humans and animals and teddy bears