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@Roxy1903 here's your imagine turned story time Get your own bts imagine here

Jimin was playing with my hair because he wanted to confess

"Thanks for coming over." You moved over to the couch, pulling your damp hair over your shoulder. "Anything for my Y/N." Jimin smiled, motioning for you to turn around. "How did you hurt your hand again?" In all reality, you'd only hurt your finger but it seemed like a good excuse to get Jimin over. You'd liked him for awhile and seemed to find any reason to be around him. "I don't really remember, it happened at work." You remembered, the whole office probably remembered and someone may have gotten it on video. Spinning around in your office chair had never been a hazard before, today the chair just decided to break. There were no major injuries but your whole hand was in a wrap. "You're so clumsy." Jimin took your hair in his hands, brushing the strands with his fingers. "Why do you always play with my hair?" Why did I just ask him that? You mentally face palmed. That was such a stupid thing to ask when you absolutely loved feeling him play with your hair. "You have pretty hair." Jimin's fingers worked your hair into some kind of twist, tugging at the strands.
"I have pretty hair?" You glanced over your shoulder, watching him wrap a piece of hair around his finger. "Don't look at me like that." Jimin's voice seemes slightly strained and his eyes stayed watching your hair twist. "Look at you like what?" You turned to face him, your hair falling away from his grip. Jimin reached out trying to keep ahold of your hair but failed when it disappeared from sight. He still wasn't looking at you, rather where your hair had been and his cheeks were tinged a slight pink. "Jiminnie?" Your hnd grasped his suddenly causing him to look at you wide eyed "What's wrong?" "Ah Y/N, why do you do this to me?" "Do what? What have I done?" Jimin pulled his hand away, covering his face and groaning. "I play...I play with your hair to keep me distracted." He peeked through his hands, watching you for a moment. "Distracting yourself?" Jimin groan and took a deep breatg "I like you Y/N. I like you a lot."
There, Jimin ripping away his shirt cause that short was kinda awful XD
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@Emealia God bless you for tagging me!!! 😍😍
@Emealia Why must you do this to me 😭 I love him so much
I wasn't ready for the shirt rip. I just slightly yelled my feelz
awe cute