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5. Elucidator this sword is kiritos primary weapon and for good reason I mean who wouldn't wanna use a cool sword like this when kicking ass!
4. Keyblade Not my favorite form but I still wouldn't complain about having any version of a keyblade especially if you can use more than one at a time.
3. Sakabato Kenshins weapon of choice after he makes his vow to never kill again and with its reversed blade only a true master swordsman can use it in actual combat.
2. Shusui The newest addition to Zoros's arsenal is a legendary weapon much like the white he holds in his mouth and with its sleek dark blade I could see why it's a legendary sword.
1. Tensa Zangetsu This is my Top pick because of how much I love the simple form of the black blade and the fact that it's my favorite type of sword (a katana) and ichigo's being one of my all time favorite characters makes his bankai an obvious choice. Pick out your own top 5 swords and make a card or comment below and let me know! thanks for reading!!!
Gintoki's wooden sword "Lake Toya" should definitely be included (from Gintama anime)
I have the Dark Repulser and the Elucidator Blade
I'm gonna be getting tensa Zangetsu soon hopefully and maybe a keyblade
btw I have Kirito's primary sword and the Tensa Zangetsu. There both made of wood but I still love them the same ^_^
not in order of favorite. I love Rin's from blue exersist. blades from AOT. kiritos primary , Saber's Excalibur , and Akama's from Akama ga Kill 馃槅馃榿
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