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Could this be the key to a healthier marriage?

A new study shows that couples who divide childcare duties equally report greater satisfaction with their relationship, both sexually and emotionally.
The study was led by Dr. Daniel Carson of Georgia State University, and examined heterosexual relationships only.
Interestingly, couples where the female partner took on 60 percent or more of childcare duties reported both men and women feeling less satisfied with their partnership. In another surprising turn of events, in couples where men assumed a majority share of childcare duties, the same way not true.

Isn't it fascinating?

When raising the kids, a duty that historically has been assigned to women, is shared equally by both partners (or even taken on fully by the man), it results in healthier, happier relationships, with greater intimacy and better sex.
I'm not too surprised by the first part – of course an equal partnership is going to be happier than one where someone feels like they are doing a two-person job on their own. Also, I think today's man understands that childcare isn't something women should be expected to do; having kids is a big responsibility, and it rests on both partners to see it through.
In my book, the study could have definitely been expanded to include other kinds of couples as well to add even more scope to the findings. Perhaps in a future experiment?
But how crazy is it that, when the man is doing most of the childrearing (as opposed to the woman), couples are more satisfied? Maybe it's just that these couples who are willing to go against societal norms are more in touch with what's truly important in a relationship: being equal partners who love each other unconditionally, sharing the burden of life's workload, and knowing that society isn't always right about how relationships should work.
You can read more about the study here!
Interesting...but I feel like its kind of obvious. If both parents are going to take responsibility for the kid, it probably means they care and love their family which naturally translates over to a healthy relationship.
It says you are strong and amazing and find your own path, like a true hero!!!! <3
I wonder what that says for single parents? Lol (jk)
Hmm interesting. Personally, if I become a parent (hopefully not soon) I would like to share responsibilities. It should be a mutual thing. Both parties are responsible for their 50% of the 100. Plus I think it will allow both to be close to their child. I wonder what the dynamic is with same sex parents.
@mchlyang yes I agree. Plus mom wouldn't feel so exhausted! That tends to help!!