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ITS TIME FOR JUNGOOK 4BBDMSMSMSNNDMS. I'm still pretty new to the a.r.m.y. fandom but let me tell you when I found BTS for the first time my eyes landed on kookie monster because one he's hot asf and 2 when I stalked lives i found out he was close to my age xD. After seeing him in dope I scrolled until i saw their debut song and OML JUST LOOK AT WHAT PUBERTY DOES TO PEOPLE LOOOK. I felt such a huge attachment to him even though he's older and I was like aweeeeee he's so grown up now I can't beileve it. Is it okay to feel that way even though I've only been a fan for like 2 months lol. Anyways kookie is a lowkey weirdo he can't hide that know matter how much he looks at his hyungs like they're insane we all know you enjoy it as well. LOVE YOU KOOKIE. I have examples of his weirdness down belowwwwww ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
On the last video J-hopes high note though ●□●○■○
I cant tell if Jungkook is cute, or sexy, or sweet, or a bad boy, or what!??!!?!?!
The world may never know XD @kpopandkimchi