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Hello everyone, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a new ruler around here. Not a president, but a ruler. One who dominates any opposition and rules with an iron fist... and that person is non other than me. I am joining the election on Vingle and am looking for a team to back me up. I will take any participants in my rule. Together with your help we can make this galaxy a place of total awesomeness where pizza rains down on hungry children around the world. Now join up today and reap the rewards! @danidee @vinmccarthy @tessstevens @nicolejb
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I have nightmares about Richard Nicon regularly. He makes me sick to my stomach. Here's to hoping that you're nothing like him @galaxytacocat
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@nicolejb How come no one is questioning @galaxytacocat's feline status, but poor @twiggytuffsey is being victimised. Riddle me that @TessStevens
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If he wants to rule them all, he has to prove it! @inplainsight!
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It is very Nixon-esque @TessStevens
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