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So you've decided you're done with the BS, the dead-end Tindering, and the blind dates with weird guys your aunt works with: you're ready to meet someone online.

Where do you start?

The first step is picking the right online dating service for you. There are so many out there these days that it can be hard to choose. But luckily, people around the internet have spoken, are there are definitively good and bad sites. Here's a list of the best (and worst).

Best Online Dating Sites

You have to pay, but you should be willing to; it's like the door that keeps out all the creeps, and lets in the people seriously looking for love. Plus, if it does its job, hopefully you won't be paying for long! Match uses basic compatibility questions and allows users to filter their results by specific criteria.

A sister site of that's perfect for those looking for a partner who is truly, deeply compatible with them. It's also paid, but the rigorously scientific, hour-long personality test is worth it. People tend to report this site is better for singles 35 and older looking for serious relationships.

This site (another paid one) is great for its versatility. It's separated into Dating, Relationships, and Intimate Incounters, and users can have a separate profile for each one. It also shows you the last time a user has logged in, so you won't be sending messages to ghosts. With a slew of communication features and the possibility of pursuing more than one type of relationship at once, this site is the total package!

Price Comparison

I'm including a handy price comparison for each, because finances are important to all of us, right? Here's what kind of investment you'll be making for love.

1 month membership

Match = $39.99
Chemistry = $49.95
Lavalife = $34.99

3 month membership

Match = $22.99/month
Chemistry = $33.32/month
Lavalife = $18.99/mo

6 month membership

Match = $19.99/month
Chemistry = $26.65/month
Lavalife = $18.99/mo
So it looks like in all cases, LavaLife is the cheapest option! But they do not offer any cheaper pricing for a 6-month membership, whereas both Match and Chemistry give you a discount for choosing to commit to the longterm.
I would LOVE to hear about your experiences with these or other online dating sites! And if anyone you know is considering opening an account, please SHARE this card with them using the social media buttons right here on the card :)

Remember, there's no wrong way to find love. So get out there, people! :)

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@rodiziketan - Of course, no ptoblem! 馃槉 Just feel free to message me 馃槃
ok, great :) This will happen sometime during next two weeks :) Do you maybe know any other people, experienced witth cyberspace, cyberlove, maybe even cybersex?, who would be willing to answer some questions? :) @JPBenedetto
My best friend met her hubby through a dating site too. She's not on Vingle. I can email her though if you'd like! I'm sure she wouldn't mind at all...She's the one in the post-surgery pic with me in my last super-hero/learn CPR card...super great gal. 馃槉
thats so nice of you. I'll contact you and we will manage everything :) thanks @JPBenedetto
Anytime, @rodiziketan, glad to help! :)