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Teen Top in NYC

Hiii again, so im here to write more info about the free concert that will happen this FRIDAY (OCT 23) So, it will be at times square at the Korean Culture and Tourism Festival. (44th street!) I heard the festival will begin at 10am, and Teen Top will have their concert at 6pm but the time is not confirmed yet. IF YOU GUYS ARE GOING LET ME KNOW MAYBE WE COULD EVEN MEET THERE AND SCREAM TOGETHER O/ if i find more info about it, i will let you all know.
Omg I love this app do much I wasn't able to be there for the whole festival but after school me and my friend rushed to 44th street and made it in time for teen tops concert !!!!!!!!
When you live in Cali and you're like ......
@AskingAimee99 yaaay hope to see you there :D
I'm going!!
lmao taaake the train or buuus! and yeah i think my mom would kill me too ><
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