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alright.. I chose all of these by my opinion.. I hope you enjoy!!!
At #10, we have... Sebastian Michaelis.. He is from kuroshjisuji. He's obi one hell of a Butler!!
At number 9, Zero Kiryu makes that spot. He may be a vampire and a vampire hunter, but he also has a sweet heart
Number 8 is Kirito from sao.. he will so anything to protect anyone!! he always will be by your side no matter what. .
Hikaru Hitachiin, he lands at number 7. Him and his twin, Hikaru, are in the Ouran highschool host club. while he is totally crushing on haruhi, he is a total sarcastic badass ..
o my god, at number 6 is eren Yeager. he's from attack on titan. he has a ruff life but him and mikasa survive, together. defeating titans together.
Half way there guys... Tomoe Mikage, the fox familiar. He may act all cool and silent, but he has a soft side. He has his yokai abilities and does all he can to protect.
Ceil Phantomhive, Number 4. he is also from kuroshjisuji. His butler, Sebastian is a deamon. He always acts cool and over powered. Did I mention he is super hot
At 3, known for his love of cake, he is honey-senpai. he's a Lolita and is super cute!!! yes mori, ur cool to.
Dorm lord president kuran, or Kaname, is 2. he has such a love for his dearest Yuki. He rules as a pureblood vampire fighting along the way to keep Yuki safe
I ran out of ideas so comment and vote for the top hottest anime boy!! yay!!!
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