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Tom Hiddleston's recent film I Saw the Light -- where he plays singer/songwriter Hank Williams -- premiered in Nashville a couple of days ago and it looks like the actor cannot get out of character.
That's obviously not true. Maybe he's a method actor (I don't know if he is/isn't) and he's taking it a little too far (that is also untrue). But I mean, how the fuck else would I get you to click on this card about Tom Hiddleston playing a full-set at the premiere's after party?
Okay, maybe you're one of those people who finds this kind of thing really endearing instead of silly. Maybe you, like me, don't care. Or maybe it's deeper than just not caring. You know, maybe you, like me, are putting up some kind of wall; a little defensive nest that you're in control of.
Maybe you, like me, are envious of the joy and lust for life Tom Hiddleston seems to have. I mean I don't have that same zest. I've never had a job in my life that I absolutely liked. I know I never wanted to go above and beyond the call of duty. Maybe you, like me, are waiting to have a job/occupation you actually love.
And I know that to have that sort of thing you have to work hard. But maybe you, like me, would rather look out for yourself because you know, or seem to know, that working hard sometimes -- or most times -- never works out for you. Maybe you, like me, are starting to believe that things won't turn around like you initially hoped.
Maybe you, like me, thought (or convinced yourself) that you are worth something and everything you spend time putting your hands on is worth it. And maybe you, like me, are starting to give up again.
Maybe you, like me, are tired. Tired of everything.
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Maybe you need a hug? *Hugs* It's harder to hug a Ghostie than I expected! I have the honor of being able to do work that I truly enjoy. It inspires me and challenges me. You're absolutely correct, though. I had to work very damn hard for the opportunity to do work that I Want to do instead of work that I Have to do.