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Thank you @poojas for the tag!! I had to do this one just because it's sad T.T hahaha let's get started ^^ By the way: SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!!!
The death of Ace!! Yes, this part was sad and it gave me the sad feels T^T believe me, I cried because I thought of Luffy and his position so it got to me..It must've been tough for him to overcome such incident.
I feel you Luffy D`: Thanks for the tag @poojas ^^
This is @poojas response card to this week's Monday Madness challenge: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1140295-Monday-Madness-Most-Feelsy-Anime-Scene Make a card about the anime scene that gave you the most feels~ As usual, Monday Madness Rules: > You can and are encouraged use images, gifs and videos in your card! :) > You have till Sunday to do the challenge. > Make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title. > Tag (@poojas)! :) > Tag 3 other people who you want to see do this challenge! Tag you're it: @RogueLeigh, @DRAGONsorrow, and @LizaNightshade
Seems like my card started an Ace feel train through Vingle 😂 Go me!
wow can u guys stop cutting the Dam onions 😢
Damn why I watch that clip smh right there in the feels Ace😢😢😢
Saddest One Piece moment ever 😭😭
@Jasz Good one hahaha
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