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So although I already took a screenshot game I thought I'd give it a go. Here are my results.
Best friend: Jin Boyfriend: Rap Monster Crush on you: Jungkook Rival: V Flirt: Jin Marry: Jimin
I wanted to see what I'd get if I did another screenshot and the second time I would have married Jungkook. So if I get a second marriage it'll be him lol.
Ok I'm going to try this out. My Best friend Jin and I have been really close, since forever. We always goof off since we've known each other forever. Once we hit a certain age he started flirting with me, like hardcore but I brushed it off since he was my best friend. He had also made some new friends and one of them caught my eye. His name was Rap Monster. of course that is just what he liked to be called. It wasn't long until we started dating. I really liked him! But, one day me and Rap Monster got in a fight and broke up and Jungkook was the one who came to me to see if I was OK. This was when he told me he had always had a crush on me and was just to scares to tell me. He made my heart beat faster with that statement. While we were staring at each other V walks in and walks straight up to me and says " You can't have him too your not taking my kookie from me!" shocked at this I start laughing. "we are rivals now!" he says and takes Jungkook away. Fwd----->>>>>> After that night Jimin was the one who stayed by my side and made me happy. We finally got Married and couldn't be happier. *****special ending***** I thought everything was going great me and Jimin had been married for a while and then we started parting and finally we decided to get a divorce. He said he wasn't the one for me, that I loved someone else more than him. I didn't believe it. After sometime I realized what Jimin was talking about. Jungkook had taken my heart many years ago I just hadn't realized it. Even after I married Jimin, Jungkook was still there and always a great friend.... he could never take Jin's place though. After a while of being single Jungkook came to me and asked me to marry him! He said "I've had a crush on you since way back and I never gave up hope that one day you would love me too. please will you be my wife?" With that I got married a second time and that was the last time. ....what do you think?
@4m4nd41op3z here are my results @AimeeH I thought you'd like to see this and what I wrote. tell me what ya think
I liked it dear! Thank you for the tag!
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