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So today as I was minding my own business watching IKON videos I decided to look up all the members and attempt to learn the other members since the only ones I knew were Bobby(life ruiner) , B.I. , Junhoe, & Jinhwan(just found out his name today but he was one of my faves).While looking at the member profiles I stumbled across Bobbys Full name.....and idk if its just me or this was meant to be or something but his name is awfully close to the love of my life's!
What is his full name you ask well...Bobbys name is Kim Jiwon!! and what is my soulmates name Kwon Jiyong! this is seriously proof that both Bobby and GD are the ones for me! lol what are the odds that the one I love and the one that ruined my life have similar names!! seriously they thought they could be sneaky but it didn't work because I figured it out haha