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Seriously. Which would you decide on. I roll Manga all the way. leave your opinions
Definitely Japan!
Lol idk. I think it depends more on the story for me than anything else. There are some comics I think I wouldn't want to live without (hey-o Watchmen) but I'd say the same of some manga.
I've gotta support my home country... USA all the way! I like Anime and Japanese culture (like food amd music and TV shows), but the Japanese themselves are pretty racist against Americans and don't treat Americans as equals. Plus I haven't really read Manga: I'm an Anime Otaku. So yeah, I know I'm gonna get hate for saying that, but America.
Wow you guys are making a huge deal out of this. But I can see why. Super Man had more writers. therefore he would seem stronger and more superior. However, Goku is at a disadvantage because he only has/had one writer. Now I am a dbz fan but I'm giving an biased fact so don't reply with anything talking about your biased fact. DO NOT REPLY
I said that I don't Give biased Answer. I said Goku can Teleport anywhere at anytime With Instant Transmission. I said that Goku and Beerus can Survive anything. Bitch Slapping is for Girls. Goku life force cannot be taken due to he is God and a sayain. Mind tricks doesn't work for Goku due to he is a pured heart. Goku cannot be driven away by telekinesis because he is to fast for Thanos to concentrate to find and Stop him. Read every comment that I gave because you aren't reading Them. Goku will always be stronger than Superman and Thanos. No matter if Superman is Super and Thanos of Being a God.
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