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I made these on the app French girls. im a good artist. ;) seriously though rock Lee.
I hope you enjoyed my first card. <3
@KyleSearl I would disagree. I think people start to like him in his fight against Gaara, or even before then. he has more tenacity than any of his peers, except ~maybe~ naruto. @justicejordan Rock Lee is dope and deserves more love! awesome first card!
@tayhar18920 honestly I was liked Lee when he started talking to the turtle thing that became guy??? lol where did that turtle go??? xD
I think people started liking him when he saves Sakura in the forest during the exam then the gara fight added on to that liking 馃槃馃槃馃槃
@JusticeJordan lol not forever! but yeah it did take a long ass time
yeah for real his fight with gara is where it's at. it's to bad that after that he's in crutches FOREVER.
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