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Thank you for this challenge @RosePark @Poojas I totally love it! (You can see the original here). I knew immediately that I had to make a card. What can I say? I have a lot of feels.

I chose a scene from Wolf's Rain. It's early on in the series but just in case: SPOILER WARNING.

Sorry it's in Spanish!
I know all of the characters are wolves, and wolves are dangerous animals especially when mistreated. But Toboe was different. He was so young. And timid. He wouldn't attack or fight, it just wasn't part of his personality. In a world that was falling apart from cruelty and hurt, Toboe was always naive and kind-hearted. This scene is so simple, but it really tears me apart.
Even though he's been exposed to cruelty, Toboe dreams of kindness and paradise.
Man this anime was really great both in story and musically. It really hits the existential notes for me. This scene was super sweet. Kindness like this gets me every time.
yea this was one fav too. it was really great anime all the way around and it doesn't hurt that I love wolves A lot.
Lol @RosePark it's a really good show! Definitely recommended ^_^ @littlemaryk same here. It's one of my favorites.
Unfortunately I could only read until Spoiler Warning lol