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A great anime to watch is definitely No Game No Life. It only has a season one because the creator has been said to be and fined for copying character designs due to tracing, but either was it is a great anime and I rate it a 10/10.. Funny and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I'll be posting at least one of these everyday guys. ;)
I'm pretty sure that @poojas is a big fan of this too!
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Waaaaahhhh so there's not gonna be anymore..... -_-
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@VinMcCarthy The shiro image on @poojas a dead giveaway lol. Ohh and to all fans of NGNL the light novel is officially translated. Vol 1 and 2 already out
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thanks i didnt know that he was fined i was so waiting on more episodes No Game No Life was amazing a highly recommended anime
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