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Attention, Vinglers of the Funny Community! It is Wednesday, so you know what that means - time for the weekly Funny Caption Contest!
Will your wit reign supreme? Participate in this week's game for a chance to see your caption posted as the Funny Community's Featured Card of the Week. Last week's champion was @Danse. This week, IT COULD BE YOU!
If you're playing for the first time, here are the rules:
1) Post as many caption ideas as you can come up with below. (What's going on in the picture? What are the animals thinking? Come up with a funny caption that sums up what's going on.)
2) Feel free to 'like' as many of your posted favorites as you'd like. Root your friends on!
3) The winner will be whoever has the most 'likes' on their caption by Monday at midnight EST.
** BRAND NEW PRIZE: The winner of the Caption Contest will not only win the spot of the Funny Community's Featured Card of the Week, but will also get to choose NEXT WEEK'S card for a champion advantage! **

Ready... set... GOOOOO!!

"Ok, Google.... How to deliver a baby? "
' #life #surgeonlife #nofilter #blessed #thepatientisgonnadie'
first surgery after graduation! ^__^
"in this, 'do it yourself' surgery, home edition... I'm going to teach you how to perform a heart transplant..."
White sooooo isn't my fall color. #afterlaborday #appendectomy #surgeonselfie #sowhatthepatientiscodingimflawless #getthecrashcart #lostthepatient #yolo #lol #rofl
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