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Would You Rather Be Superman or Captain America?

Let's do this Vinglers!

Would you rather be:
Superman, the Man of Steel, faster than a speeding bullet, and living in the right century on the wrong planet
Captain America, the Supersoldier, the man out of time, living in the wrong century on the right planet (most of the time)?
You can't be both! Who would you rather be?
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@shannonl5 lossing all your friends or see them old and way of life would suck tho superman just has too worry about green rocks and he's good
@shannonl5 flying at supersonic speeds would be awesome too and I guess shooting lasers out of your eyes is cool too
@shannonl5 ohhh and green rocks isn't the only thing superman has to look out for he is also very vulnerable against magic remembered a little while ago and the nerd in me had too say something
@FernandoGarza oh true! Originally (like in the 30s/40s) he couldn't actually fly. He could just leap really far because Earth's gravity wasn't as strong as Krypton's