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Thousands of pages written about Jerusalem and still are too few to accommodate the beauty and holiness. Jerusalem is a place you can spend years and not exhaustive. Old City alleys, City of David, the Jewish Quarter, Ein Kerem, the Mahane Yehuda market, and more are only a small part of the city has to offer. Even Center, Mishkenot and the first neighborhoods, as well as a tour in the Armenian Quarter, or a Muslim are little city has to offer. The abundance of hotels and accommodation with a Jerusalem restaurant, prestigious and simple which markets, Jerusalem is certainly a place of recreation and win a trip. Jerusalem has more than one religion, so there are many holy places and the food ... What I will tell you I love the food here .. There are different types of food so if you have not come to Jerusalem, then you missed a lot of beautiful things
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yes.... Tapsamai
are you from Israel ??