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Halloween Day 4: Favorite Halloween Fanart Day!
There's no reason everyone can't participate today!!!! Just post up your favorite Halloween fanart (make sure to credit the artist if it's not yours!!) and let us know what show it's from. Easy, right?

Here come a few of my favorites :)

Love! Live - Nico & Maki

Fanart by Yurang


Fanart by husk57

Madoka Magica

I can't find the source :(

Fruits Basket

fanart by Common-wood


Fanart by HTKChidori
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@AlvairMakara Glad you noticed ;) hahahaha
2 years ago·Reply
sparkRIDE what is that anime though
2 years ago·Reply
It's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
2 years ago·Reply
love the fruits basket one!!!
10 months ago·Reply