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If there's nothing you love more than watching two friends fall in love (and getting to take ALL the credit for their newfound romantic bliss), then you're in luck.
A new matchmaking app called Hitch is taking the digital dating world by storm. Forget the algorithms and the endless swiping – on Hitch, the matchmaker is YOU. Or your friends, the people who know you best (not some weird compatibility-calculating computer).
Those lucky enough to get an invite to join the app (which, for now, is still invite only – but friends can join using your code) can set up any two Facebook friends with each other, even if those friends haven't yet downloaded the app. And your friends with the app can in turn set YOU up with people they think would be perfect for you!

Sounds like fun :) I'd really like to give this a try!

I love playing matchmaker. I also consider myself pretty good at it :P
Would you give this app a try? Do you trust your friends to set you up with people?