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My Top 5 OPS

So I got bored and decided to make another list card this time I'm doing my 5 favorite OPS(One OP per series) Well here we go!

Number 5 Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita's OP (I couldn't find the song name)

Ok I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys haven't heard of this series but the OP is the reason I watched it. The op has a lot of random stuff going on and is super catchy I even end up doing to dance sometimes xD.

Number 4 Working!! OP (Someone Else)

Once again another catchy OP. I can't help but sing along with this song and I end up having it stuck in my head all day
Number 3 SNK 2nd OP (Wings of Freedom) Don't get me wrong I like the first OP but to me the second one is a better song and it always gets pumped up.
Number 2 Tokyo Ghoul OP (Unravel) It wouldn't be a top OP list without Unravel. This song is freaking amazing and is the only OP I know all the way through because I've sung it that much xD

Number 1 JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stardust Second Season OP (Sono Chi No Kioku)

This song is so freaking awesome it does it job as an OP getting you pumped for the next episode the lyrics tell the story of the series pretty much and once again it's kinda catchy and it probably would be number two but the animation of the OP is awesome and has small things that as fan of the series you'd like to see. Then for the last two episode they made a version where Dio shows up to fight Jotaro I mean really how awesome is that!
Well that's it for my favorite OPS

What are some of your guy's favorite OPs?

See ya!
@VinMcCarthy I love it but like I said if it wasn't for the Dio OP unravel would probably be number 1 xD
I love unravel so much, it's crazy. the whole opening was a work of art to me. 10/10. I also really love One Piece's first OP
wait i get all these terms mixed up whats op
Hekireki by last alliance opening to Hajime no ippo gives me chills.....
SAO's crossing field Akame ga Kill!'s Liar Mask naruto's third op I think I'm not sure but it's called blue Bird @Haidurr
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