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Can Marvel Appeal to the Chinese Market?

Rumor has it they'll try.

Ant-Man was HUGELY successful in China this past weekend, making $43.5 million on opening weekend (which is frankly more money than I can even imagine). The film made $57 million in its domestic opening weekend, so not only is the Chinese market pretty comparable, it currently represents a huge portion of their earnings. It would make sense for Marvel to try to appeal more to this market. The question is: can they?

How many Chinese Marvel characters can you name?

There aren't many. And maybe that's a good thing, Marvel's track record for racial representation is not the best. Part of it is a symptom of the source material; anything made in the 40s and 50s is sure to have some vestigial biases of the period. But that's not an excuse for their current failures. For every Kamala Khan and G. Willow Wilson, there are literally hundreds of white male protagonists and white male writers. This is true in the comics and overwhelmingly true in the films.
Consider the decision to include The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 before any Asian heroes (the closest they came was the Japanese character Jim Morita in The First Avenger). The character was a racist Chinese stereotype, and the film turned him into a racist vaguely Middle Eastern stereotype. And sure, the Chinese government helped to finance the film (via the DMG film group), but how well did it serve the Asian community when it comes to representation?

Not much better than this:

Jubilee isn't enough.

If Marvel really wants this market, they're going to have to earn it. One success is not a guarantee- they really need to step up their game if they think they deserve more success in foreign markets. @ChosenKnight @SaSevy @RedWonderland @TravisBeck @baileykayleen @AimeeH @DonovanMoore @orenshani7 @InPlainSight @RobertMarsh @MorleeCorielus @jibarito @kmccord95 @RaquelArredondo @DasiaB @ComicGeek94 @SydneyHogg @AdekolaOmole @ChiefAlphaGoat @thewolfnola what do you think? Can Marvel pull it off or will they end up alienating this huge audience?
@RaquelArredondo nah nobody in the Marvel universe has parents! (Just kidding. Marvel sold the film rights to a lot of their characters and that included the dad... so they made them orphans). Kamala Khan would actually be perfect in this context. Her costume is actually practical (she's a young girl and form a more conservative background so it's character-appropriate), and a lot of her character is about how she was inspired by the values of her family to become a hero. @ChosenKnight I'm totally with you there. No more gross stereotypes, they need real people who are as complex as Steve Rogers or Tony Stark who are also nonwhite. Clearly they're capable of writing characters with depth, but for some reason they seem to magically loose that skill sometimes when it comes to more diverse characters :( @RobertMarsh that sounds AWESOME. I would totally watch that. Seriously why hasn't Marvel hired you? XD I'd actually be 100% down with them portraying North Korea as a threat, I'm pretty done with the "haha North Korea" jokes, it's a really serious problem. But would China be ok with that? I know they've been pretty cautious because they're neighbors, they have a good reason to tread lightly there
@ChiefAlphaGoat that's definitely true. And it's not like the current films have done badly there. I know they have a legal team trying to make sure they don't accidentally alienate anyone (James Gunn was told he couldn't use the Sneeper aliens because it means something... naughty in Icelandic) so it's something they consider. Haha honestly I'm not super knowledgeable about foreign relations either. I do worry about their representation issues in the U.S. too. It feels like they're already doing kind of a poor job in that respect- America is super diverse but you'd never know it judging from the Marvel films.
From what I understand, people over there are very interested in Western culture (as we are in Anime) and I believe their best move would be not to try at all. Just make references they can understand as well. I also have 0 experience in foreign relations haha, just my uneducated opinion.
@AdekolaOmole that's a really great idea! @ComicGeek94 definitely gotta play their cards right. They've done well so far, but if they do go the route of introducing an Asian character they're going to have to make sure they're not being alienating, and so far the best they've done is Daisy from Agents of Shield. Which is great, but it's a very small scale production
China is the reason North Korea didn't pull the trigger a few months ago... they told Mr. Kim, they won't back him up, in fact, they lined the border with tanks and other units and told him to calm the hell down or they would stomp him before we (the Americans) ever got the chance. You see we owe China a LOT of money and they know that if we end up on opposite sides of a "disagreement" we will nullify the debt...they want their money ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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