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Rumor has it they'll try.

Ant-Man was HUGELY successful in China this past weekend, making $43.5 million on opening weekend (which is frankly more money than I can even imagine). The film made $57 million in its domestic opening weekend, so not only is the Chinese market pretty comparable, it currently represents a huge portion of their earnings. It would make sense for Marvel to try to appeal more to this market. The question is: can they?

How many Chinese Marvel characters can you name?

There aren't many. And maybe that's a good thing, Marvel's track record for racial representation is not the best. Part of it is a symptom of the source material; anything made in the 40s and 50s is sure to have some vestigial biases of the period. But that's not an excuse for their current failures. For every Kamala Khan and G. Willow Wilson, there are literally hundreds of white male protagonists and white male writers. This is true in the comics and overwhelmingly true in the films.
Consider the decision to include The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 before any Asian heroes (the closest they came was the Japanese character Jim Morita in The First Avenger). The character was a racist Chinese stereotype, and the film turned him into a racist vaguely Middle Eastern stereotype. And sure, the Chinese government helped to finance the film (via the DMG film group), but how well did it serve the Asian community when it comes to representation?

Not much better than this:

Jubilee isn't enough.

If Marvel really wants this market, they're going to have to earn it. One success is not a guarantee- they really need to step up their game if they think they deserve more success in foreign markets. @ChosenKnight @SaSevy @RedWonderland @TravisBeck @baileykayleen @AimeeH @DonovanMoore @orenshani7 @InPlainSight @RobertMarsh @MorleeCorielus @jibarito @kmccord95 @RaquelArredondo @DasiaB @ComicGeek94 @SydneyHogg @AdekolaOmole @ChiefAlphaGoat @thewolfnola what do you think? Can Marvel pull it off or will they end up alienating this huge audience?
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@DigitalJediX I'd love to get your take on this!
I think Marvel can actually pull it off. They do have a few Asian characters that can work(THANKFULLY they can't use Psylocke. Talk about Cultural Appropriation)! Shang Chi comes to mind. Especially since there was a popular TV show years(a LOT of years)back about the character, Master of Kung Fu. He would be great in Avengers. He was actually in Hickman's fantastic Avengers run. They can't use Sunfire unfortunately. He would fall under FOX with the X-Men. There is another character called The Cat. He is a master hand to hand fighter and super spy/thief. Marvel could have used Big Hero 6 but Disney used the property in an animated movie. Going to have to do a bit of research to find more.
Amadeus Cho was kind of introduced by way of his Mother in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was Hulk and Hercules' sidekick and is actually the current incarnation of the Hulk in the comics.
@DigitalJediX oooh yeah I forgot about Amadeus Cho! And he's going to be the new Hulk so they could definitely transition the character onto the screen in the next few years without a lot of difficulty (I assume the actor currently playing Bruce Banner will probably want to move on by then anyway). It is really unfortunate that they can't use any of the mutants, because it would be so easy for them to create a new mutant character from China and bring them into the X-Men universe. Then there wouldn't be any complaints about changing an established character, and they wouldn't have to worry about bringing any unfortunate baggage into an older character (like they would with the Mandarin if they'd gone in the direction of the comics)
@SaSevy what's your take on this?