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Trying to get back to drawing.

I was being bored, watching tv, doing laundry, and reading fanfiction, until my friend told me if u had ever tried to draw again, knowing that I have no job and noticing I should sell my old art. seeing as I used to draw a lot at school, like anime, comic book covers, even to draw my own white shirt logo. until I went rock bottom and stopped drawing from 19 - 24 years old of age. ya I know I'm old as crap. when I turn 25 on June still nothing change until my friend texted me about yesterday when this card was posted to now, told I should go back to drawing and so I thought what to do and being a yugioh cards player, I always think when I shuffle my deck and until I saw flash knight card and it came to me and I started to draw over the card with a blue, red marker and a pen, making superman. so, what do you lots think? and you'll notice how rusty I am.
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I think it's a good way to get yourself back into the art form, by starting out this way. also I dig that batman!
thanks to tell you the truth I'm self-taught.
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