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God I love Rogue!!!! She's just so awesome! She's very caring and kind, but will just as quickly turn around and kick some ass! She can fly, has superhuman strength, and can absord another person's skills through skin contact. If she stays connected long enough, she'll also have some personality traits of that same person... Not to mention she's the only character I remember who called Wolverine, "a teddy bear." :D
She's just amazing! One thing that brings it all together is her southern draw :3 It just sounds so attractive. ^-^
While this version of Rogue isn't as awesome as most of the others, I liked her design a lot more. The alternative, goth, style fit her so well... and I also happen to think that alternative girls have a special kind of beauty that I love :3
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@LAVONYORK heck yeah she is!!!! @AndreTyree0 ps here's some more Rogue love for you ^_^
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@BriggAnthony check this out! All the Rogue love :D
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Cyclops and Rogue my favorite X-men characters
2 years ago·Reply
Ahhh rogue, Duchess of mutant baddassery
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@ReynaWithLove all the Rogue love here ^_^ @AdekolaOmole that's an awesome title! :D
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