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Even though I cospaly, I take Halloween as a chance to do cosplay for the masses!

What I mean by that is I choose I character I wouldn't necessarily get to do at a convention (because other characters usually win out), but that I would enjoy doing and people would recognize!
SO I choose Jesse from Team Rocket!!!! I have always wanted to cosplay her, but other characters take preference for cons. But for Halloween, it's perfect! I don't have to get her hair perfect, and people would recognize her if they're nerdy in the slightest bit. Pretty fun, right?

Who do you want to be for Halloween?

Join in the 13 day Halloween challenge and tag me in your card :) I'll clip it to the 13 Days of Halloween Anime Collection!!!
I'm going as Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul!
One way or another you must blast away! lol
@CarlosG hahahaha yes I would have to figure that out XD @EduardoPontier that's still cool!!! @mkbmccann they all count!!! I like the idea of Blake ^^
Well I'm already going to dress up as Touka for Halloween this year but if I had to choose someone else, it'd be Mikasa from Attack on Titan or Izana Shinatose from Knights of Sidonia. Or maybe Blake from RWBY. That counts right?
I.. Gonna be a ghoul not a character from Tokyo ghoul jus me as a ghoul 馃槅
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