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There are countless notable things to be said about Michael Jackson. There is Michael the superstar, Michael the dancer and singer, the fashion statement, the performer, the actor and etc. But perhaps the most important thing to remember about MJ is his personality, that is the person underneath the glamorous image. MICHAEL'S SMILE His smile was the most beabtiful I'Ve ever seen! He could light up a dark room with his smile. He had an affect on people that was theraputic. I could be bored to death but when I watch a video with MJ in it and see that smile, it always makes me smile too. HIS EYES The eyes are the windows to the soul. In his eyes, you can see a very gentle, kind and passionate person. And it shows in his interactions with people, on stage, in his songs and his words. HIS LOVE OF PEOPLE MJ loved to be with people to make them laugh and smile and to just be human and enjoy being with people. He loved to laugh with them and he always took every opportunity to find humor in something. He had a magnetic personality. In spite of the fact that he was famous, people were drawn to him and loved being around him. He was light-hearted and fun, yet could get down to business when it was time to work. HE WAS A CHILD AT HEART MJ was like a child himself. he never grew up because he never got much of a chance to be a child. But as an adult not being controled by his dad anymore, he could spend his life making up for the childhood he never had. This is strange to some people but it was a part of him that i find to be beautiful and I admire his spirit. He took the phrase, be yourself, literally. In his heart, he felt like a child who was forced to act like an adult from a very young age and as an adult, he decided that if as a child, he was forced to act like an adult, then as an adult, he should be allowed to act like a child if he saw fit and that's exactly what he did. He was Child-like but not childish. There's a difference. He had Neverland and his zoo animals, lions and such. Who can forget bubbles? Never a dull moment it seems. I saw a video on youtube where he was having Christmas and He got a super soaker and he was smiling from ear to ear. imagine that. A grown man with tons of money and fame getting excited over a super soaker for Christmas. That is amazing!!! What a simplicity and innocence! Fame and money did not spoil this man. HIS LOVE FOR HIS FANS A fan of MJ was always considered a friend. He loved the fans and did not ever see himself as superior to them. He put himself on the same level with them. That is why an encounter with MJ was more than unforgetable. We've all seen the videos of the concerts where he hugs the girls and they almost never let go. I do not believe he did that for the attention. I believe he knew how much it meant to them and he wanted to do that for them. I don't think that man ever had an arrogant bone in his body. HIS GOOD HEART MJ helped out and gave his time and attention as well as money to many worthy causes. He visited sick children and was a source of joy to a dieing boy whom he wrote a song about. He was an advocate for all children everywhere, that they shoul have a childhood and be safe and happy. He had a true heart for helping people see the beauty in life and always have a reason to smile. HE STOOD STRONG IN ADVERSITY When adversity came upon him with the child molestation alagations, it was quite obviously a very hard thing for any one to face. Most people in that situation would have disappeared and you would never hear from them again. No doubt the thought crossed his mind but I think he got enough support from friends, family and fans that he knew he could make it. He showed us all that he could still stand tall and he did not let the world steal his smile. Thank God! He wrote songs speaking out and fighting back against his accusers. Scream was a big hit and one of the many that he used to express his frustration and disgust toward all those who tried to destroy him. He emerged not unharmed but strong enough to rise above, dispite the damage to his reputation. THE MEMORY OF MJ While we would only like to remember the good things about him, we know that he was not always happy and care free. He had some sleep problems and unfortunately thought that a drug was the only thing that would help. He had developed a dependance on the anasthetic drug diprovan. And it eventually lead to his death with the help of a doctor who knew that what he was doing was wrong. We lost him forever but did we really? They say legends never die. May he live forever in our hearts.
Michael with Bubbles, the chimp.
Michael gets a super soaker for Christmas. What do you like to remember most about the King of Pop?
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I'm a huge fan of him. Music changed the world