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Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) was on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and spoke a little bit about his role in the latest game in the Halo series, Halo 5. He's seems really astounded at the way technology has advanced because, well, the programmers made him look "slightly more handsome" than he actually is in real life.
I think he's a pretty handsome guy now but I really think they just made him look a little younger. Above, I left the picture of him in the game and a screenshot from the movie Serenity (where he was obviously a younger than he is now) so you could see the comparison.
It's kind of cool how he got involved in the games in general (he talks about it a little bit in the interview below) and while listening to this I think it was the only time I wished I was an actual famous person. Maybe then I'd get to be in all the video games ever made and be happy about it.
On that note though, I don't think I have enough determination to be an actor or a voice actor or any kind of anything that involves some actual work. Geez, that got dark fast. But anyway, I think it'd be cool to see a CG version of myself doing weird video game stuff like talking and holding guns and being funny or whatever.