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iKon Losing Fans Over B.I's Attitude

Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I just heard about this and want Vingle Kpop's take on the situation ~

Here's what happened:

During a live broadcast on the “V” app Jinhwan (the oldest), Bobby, B.I and Chanwoo (the youngest) were sitting together for dinner. That’s when Bobby tells Jinhwan, if he can endure Chanwoo talking informal to him, he’ll give him meat. Jinhwan thinks its funny and tells Chanwoo to show his true colors.
For some reason B.I gets angry (you can see on his face that he's pissed) and 'playfully' hits Chanwoo. After a while it gets so bad that he hits Chanwoo's hat off...and from the look on the other members faces, you can tell he isn't playing around.
According to two of my friends, Chinese and Korean fans are really unhappy with iKon now because of this - especially B.I. They say that iKon is ruining the image of the YG Family by showing this bad attitude to the public.
The top comment on a Korean article about it said:
B.I’s true character that he has been hiding for a long time shows here. Look at him looking and sensing the camera. You can tell that he shows his true personality in places with no cameras and haze his members. And I bet he enjoys these situation as well right?
Idols are human, they get in bad moods, but it's his job to not show that in front of their fans. Especially as a leader, his role is to be professional. It may have just been a dinner with his members, but he is on the clock. It might not seem fair, but that's what the life of a celebrity is.

I'm not saying you should hate him for this, I'm not saying you should excuse him for this - I'm just saying this was a bad moment for B.I.

What do you guys think of this?!

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You can see he was quit annoyed, but I doubt he meant to come off tht way. We are all human, and we do have our moments of anger. I also believe is was healthy for fans to see him like this, it just shows tht even idols have stressful days. And sometimes they can not control their emotions or actions.
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People have their limits and can react in many ways, so this is how B.I acts when he reaches his limit, so what? he's human.
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Honestly i've hit a friend without even knowing what I was doing. I was so mad that my mind just went blank. If that's what B.I's mindset was then I understand. If that's something he does all the time, or just when he's mad. He.... should seek help. Btw I am not familiar with their on screen personas...
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I think that he's just really stressed out. I'm not saying that hitting his member was the best thing to, but being the leader of the group as well as taking responsibility of some of the things that are spoken by the group members can be stressful. I've hit friends for either talking too much or talking about something they know nothing about. You also have to think that they are a new group, being on camera all the time is new to them. Having to sometime fake a persona to get fans are what agencies sometimes make people do. I not going to say B.I. was right or wrong. He could have handled the situation in a different way, but he's also a human being. Stop judging him for one little tiny action he made. People mess up, it's how we learn and grow as a person. I'm still going to support Ikon because I love their music. Getting to know their true selves grows a connection with their fans. B.I AND IKON FIGHTING!!!!👍👊
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and i thought the one with the attitude was Bobby.
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