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Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I just heard about this and want Vingle Kpop's take on the situation ~

Here's what happened:

During a live broadcast on the “V” app Jinhwan (the oldest), Bobby, B.I and Chanwoo (the youngest) were sitting together for dinner. That’s when Bobby tells Jinhwan, if he can endure Chanwoo talking informal to him, he’ll give him meat. Jinhwan thinks its funny and tells Chanwoo to show his true colors.
For some reason B.I gets angry (you can see on his face that he's pissed) and 'playfully' hits Chanwoo. After a while it gets so bad that he hits Chanwoo's hat off...and from the look on the other members faces, you can tell he isn't playing around.
According to two of my friends, Chinese and Korean fans are really unhappy with iKon now because of this - especially B.I. They say that iKon is ruining the image of the YG Family by showing this bad attitude to the public.
The top comment on a Korean article about it said:
B.I’s true character that he has been hiding for a long time shows here. Look at him looking and sensing the camera. You can tell that he shows his true personality in places with no cameras and haze his members. And I bet he enjoys these situation as well right?
Idols are human, they get in bad moods, but it's his job to not show that in front of their fans. Especially as a leader, his role is to be professional. It may have just been a dinner with his members, but he is on the clock. It might not seem fair, but that's what the life of a celebrity is.

I'm not saying you should hate him for this, I'm not saying you should excuse him for this - I'm just saying this was a bad moment for B.I.

What do you guys think of this?!

Honestly, you can't extract a small conflict from its whole context like this. How can you view the situation in just this perspective? You need to watch the whole clip of this and the clip of them playing basketball (two separate clips.) Firstly, the losers who lost in the basketball match (donghyuk, chanwoo, b.i & jinhwan) showed sadness for not being able to eat meat, however, bi's expression showed the most and he was already frustrated from the beginning of the broadcast (go ahead, critically analyze his expressions.) Bobby offered Jin hwan meat if he withstands Chanwoo's informal language. Only Jin hwan would be rewarded for the meat so Chanwoo declined the offer. Nevertheless, b.i punishes Chanwoo for not going through the deal to give sunbae Jin Hwan meat. As Chanwoo keeps hesitating, b.i gets angry and tries to get a word out from Chanwoo (perhaps for Chanwoo to swear.)After b.i gets rewarded by Bobby, he brightens the mood by smiling and being cheerful. If you noticed, b.i slightly hits Chanwoo with his elbow (now tell me, do you think an elbow would hurt as much as a fist? - no). B.i politely hits Chanwoo with his elbows rather than a punch (he was trying to restraint himself.)He instantly reacted that way not to please himself, because he was excluded from the reward even if Chanwoo spoke informally to Jin hwan. If you were to bare someone else eating something delicious in front of you it's as if being tortured. He was deprived from meat, of course he would be angry. It really comes down to how you view this situation. Although, don't assume or escalate any rumors without educating yourself about what happened prior to this situation. I'm not supporting his actions nor am I blaming him for it. It was a domino effect of aggression from losing in the game that led to him behaving this way (especially with meat on the line. Did you know that beef is a delicacy in S.Korea?) It's like a girl pms-ing, you shouldn't mess with them. I really hope I don't ever come across these useless "rumors" that isn't such a big deal. They're family, they will always be able to make up. Also, thanks to iKONics who are still supporting iKON. We will still love iKON through thick and thin. *Sorry, I felt as if I wrote an essay*
Ok, so before actually viewing the video I was going to comment that it's the media's job of over exaggeration something even if it's not such a big deal. But after watching the video my way of thinking changed... I'm sorry but that guy seems like he has anger problem or impatient or something. The first one was like oh ok he's telling him to hurry.. but then after the first one he kept getting mad for no reason. & Not just that I felt like the last 2 hits were way too overboard. Those looked like they hurt!! Like wtf...
He was hangry lol
Ehhh... I see how people can say "oh it's his true personality coming out" but as you said we ALL have bad days, days where you just don't wanna put up with any shit and yes it his job to put up that front and do it for the fans but it's like when you're mad and you wanna put up a front for your friends but you're just so pissed off you can't help but vent. One incident doesn't make a person. The future will tell.
Fans, netizens, anti-fans, etc. are doing too much. Breathe, chill out, and relax. Focus on yourself for once stop obsessing and nitpicking at everything. Have a life make one if you don't lol.
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