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Hey everybody~ If you're a member of Learn Japanese, you mayyyyy have noticed that I started posting some cards about the names of foods in Japanese.

Now here's my confession: I don't know ANY Japanese!!!!

This is my attempt to start learning by starting with something I love (foodddddzzzzzz), and I hope to move on to some other things after that! One of my Japanese friends is checking them all for me too so I know they're accurate (woohoo!)
SO! If you're interested in learning some food nouns in Japanese, go ahead and follow the collection here!
I'll say right now I won't be able to tell you if the hiragana or katakana is more natural, but I hope to learn soon!

On that note, what other kinds of things would you guys want to learn for beginning Japanese?

@poojas already does some cool cards about basic phrases so I don't want to do the same thing as her XD Let me know what you want to learn!
@NickDiaz @NickMcCormick sweet guys thanks for the ideas. I'll make another more general collection for some other words that aren't food!
also weather
colors, adjectives, and objects
general actions, maybe athletic actions
@NickDiaz any particular kind of objects?
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