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Lavender Lemonade Can Help Reduce Anxiety!
It hasn't been easy for me to reduce my anxiety naturally, and lately I've found a lot of comfort in Lavender and lavender scented things. Essential oils and aroma therapy in general can work wonders on people with a lot of anxiety. I use lavender the most, it helps me sleep, it keeps my brain calm and it soothes my anxiety.
I've only had Lavender Lemonade a handful of times, but I've loved it each time!

Here's the recipe:

For one pitcher of this awesome drink all you need to do is mix these ingredients together: 12 cups of water 15 drops of Lavender essential oil two teaspoons of honey 6 lemons, squeezed and added to the mix And 4 teaspoons of sugar, of course you can add more depending on how sweet you like it.

And there you have it! An easy anxiety reducing drink that'll cost less than 3 dollars to make.

You can find essential oils at your grocery store or www.doterra.com
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I really want to try this sometime. I'll probably wait till next summer cause lemonade season to me is over. I was wondering how many people with really bad anxiety has tried this & it work? I'm not sure if this is best for me since lavender is not one my favortie oils or fragrances.
Love this card. I get anxiety attacks I'm going to try this to help me stay calm