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YOU GUYS, TODAY IS THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF NACHOS - which means that all of you who can get down with basically eating an entire meal afloat a couple tortilla chips, this card is for YOU!!!

Call me facetious, but nachos are pretty much the best food ever.


You can also layer them with as little or as many ingredients as you could possibly want!

My personal favorite is CARNE ASADA NACHOS!!!

Even your worst days are better when you get to eat nachos!!!

SO SOUND OFF: How do YOU like your nachos? (Or, you know, just fangirl about nachos with me because they are delicious and perfect.)

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@Danse @malibella @Arellano1052 @VeronicaArtino @chris98vamg @AnnahiZaragoza Is it okay if I make a new card about all of your nacho topping suggestions?! I feel like the fellow foodies of Vingle will appreciate what we're posting lol.
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Beavis and Butthead!!! *Head-bangs and busts out his air guitar, sharing a mean solo* Ahem. *puts it away* Hmm, Nacho's. I like them all sorts of ways. I noticed around here lots of people make those nacho salads and nacho dips. I personally like the what we call the "300" nacho's. "This is Sparrrtaaaa!" Er, well, it's a lot of junk piled in layers. Nachos, cheese, sour cream, then next layer is different cheese, tomatoes, finely shredded lettuce, then next layer is again a different cheese, some more sour cream, some jalapenos, black olives and to top it off some actual "nacho" cheese with some taco seasoned ground beef and one more dollop of dasiy's. XD It's a complete mess to eat, but maaannnn. *droool and heart burn, here we come!* @ButterflyBlu, @danidee, @KellyOConnor, @jannatd93 You just use your hands as shovels, grab your paper towels and dig in!
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@InPlainSight I totally approve. ^.^
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@ButterflyBlu @Danse @danidee Nachos, the official savory food of #TeamIPS
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Yeah the "300" is more for at home get togethers and of course football parties. What's better to accompany you screaming at the tv than beer and nachos? xD
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