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Remember that camerawoman that tripped refugees as they were fleeing? Yeah, that lady that thought it was cool and ethical to hurt people that are fearing for their lives? Well, her name is Petra Laszlo, and after she got fired from her job as a camerawoman she got pretty angry.


She claims Facebook deleted her support groups, but left groups that criticized her. They also did not respond to her complaints. She also claims the man she tripped, a man named Osama Abdul Mohsen, changed his testimony in her trial.

Apparently, this is her thought process:

Step 1: trip and push people that are fleeing from their country
Step 2: Get really upset about being fired from journalism job.
Step 3: Sue Facebook. And the man I tripped.

But for her it’s a matter of honor now.

"I was scared as the crowd rushed toward me, and then something snapped in me,” Laszlo said in a letter "I'm not a heartless, racist, children-kicking camerawoman.”
She now plans to move to Russia to restart her life.

What do you think? Does this woman deserve the chance to fight her case? Or did she deserve the repercussions?

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That woman is utterly disgusting, why would any human being kick a child and trip an elderly while they're fleeing?? I suggest they do a psych test on her, probably a well hidden psychopath waiting to do wrongs.
"I'm not a heartless, racist, children-kicking camerawoman." sounds like exactly what a heartless, racist, children-kicking camerawoman would say.
@Animaniafreak yeah I wonder if that would do any good though! it wouldn’t really make her a better person... hahaha you might be onto something there @VinMcCarthy
I would be laughing at how clueless she is. And be escorting the ederly and children out, while tripping her on every step of the way. *dazzling smile*
Hahaha I would be doing the same @NerukaWong I think she probably got the justice she deserved.