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O.O wow! I currently no nothing about this group but I absolutely love this song and their voices are awesome! I need to do some research ASAP! @MattK95 Your thoughts ? :) All credit goes to the owners of this MV! (I do not own this MV)
@KiKi29 I will! Thanks for the recommendation! :D
Ha! I was just about to say these guys look older than your typical idols but I guess they were famous in the 90s! I really love this song - good find @jiggzy19^^~
@jiggzy19 No problem.
Click-B is coming back?! What the hell?! Dear... god... First Junsu and now Click-B... I can never remember, but it was either them or TVXQ that got me into Kpop. Anyway, they were pretty good. "To Be Continued" was one of their hits. Such a beautiful video. Y'all should look them up. They were pretty good.
@kpopandkimchi I thought the exact same thing lol XD @MattK95 Ikr! :)
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