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Here's another song for all of you. And it's by (yup, again) The Front Bottoms. I'm don't think I could ever stop writing little commentary for their songs. I love each and every one of them and if they keep writing songs, I'll keep writing cards about them.
This song in particular I hold very close to my heart. The Plan (Fuck Jobs) definitely describes the feeling of being tired of working at a place where there is barely any upward mobility and there are people who are constantly talking about how much better they are than you. An experience I've had constantly (being that I've worked in a couple offices at the lowest possible level).
It also has this really great sense of awareness of self. I mean, in a way, it's this anthem of "fuck it" but at the same time the song is aware that having a job/plan is necessary. I love all of the lyrics in this song so if you get the chance, you should look them up. But there's one repeating line at the end, "When my mind is uncertain, my body decides" probably resonates with me the most. I'm constantly uncertain about decisions and, well, anything really when it comes to my professional life. So part of me feels like this touches upon that feeling of heading in a direction without really thinking about it.

Notable Lyrics:

I fucking hate the comments, why do you feel you have to talk? Nobody asked for your opinion, your sick sad way of jerking off. Everyone you think you're better than... What the fuck I'm guilty too. Half the time that I'm complaining, I'm just talking shit on you... I'm sorry. Never underestimate the poor, hungry, and desperate. My body is a temple. How much you think I could get for it? And I will take cold showers from now on until I learn that once you fuck the fire all that's left to do is burn.
[then towards the end of the song:]
I want world domination just like everybody else. So if you hear me talking strategy, it's only to myself, everybody's gotta have a game plan. Cut up a couple different ways. Just hope no one remembers these, the darkest of my days.
Another fantastic choice, Paul. But now I can't decide which is correct: your thoughts or @VinMcCarthy's? I'll listen more and think about it...
You know, I see what you're saying about this song, and the ways it represents the rat race stuff about menial jobs. But I see this also as a "we're getting out of this shit together" song. It's like - I'm working this dead end job over here, and you're over there, and we are together but not at the same time. I've had enough of this shit. "I love you, I miss you. I want to hug and kiss you" - that line says it to me. It's an anthem of saying lets leave our respective shit behind and head away together to the greater next step. When my mind is uncertain, my body decides. My body has decided that I love you, and I'm tired of this shit, and I want to have my body close to your body. or maybe I'm projecting. Who knows.