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One Ironman is tough enough, but James Lawrence guy did 50 of them in 50 days, in 50 states. The Ironman is a triathlon with a series of long-distance races, which include a swim, a bike ride, and a run. They are done without a break, and they must be completed within 17 hours.
There was purpose to the Ironmans: he wanted to raise awareness for child obesity.
You've got my attention, Lawrence.
He talks about importance of eating at home, and eating with his family. “We’re huge on eating dinner as a family,” he says. Lawrence also said the reason we are obese is because many people are no longer preparing food anymore. We look for the quick meals.
I totally get where Lawrence is coming from. When you starting consuming foods from home, you have control of what you're putting into your body, and you can actually track the nutritional value in foods. The problem with grabbing food from outside, is that we don't know how many calories, fats, or processed items we're consuming.

In addition to eating healthy, Lawrence had to eat BIG for the Ironman.

He says he is a plant-based athlete, but not vegan. The majority of the foods that Lawrence eats are from vegetables, but he also consumes meat products like chicken or steak. During his training, he was consuming anywhere from 4,500 to 6,500 calories per day. However, during the main Ironman events, he was consuming about 8,000 calories.
Make sense, he's super active!
Although he does eat healthy most of the time, he enjoy other foods like doughnuts.

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good doughnut when it’s presented to me. I believe in a B-plus average when it comes to eating," he said. " I can maintain an average life with a B average, eating clean 80 percent of the time and allowing myself to indulge in some of the delicious treats this country has to offer.”

lololl @marimaroon same
this man did 50 ironmans and I lose my breath going up the staira to the 10th floor at school
more power to him. how did he travel, eat, sleep, potty, and perform this in 50 days?
*shakes pom poms made of paper and hops around* Go, Ironman Go! O:
AHhhhhhhhhhhhh i mean 50 states hahaaa. I changed it. Thanks for actually pointing out the mistake in my card though lol @mchlyang
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