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Last Week I put up a card asking about the community's favorite ladies from anime, to show what these biases say about you!

Thanks everyone for the responses! There was a lot of variety so I put several characters into different categories to accurately represent the types of girl these ladies are.

Check em out!

The Warrior

Not afraid of a challenge, you are always seeking to improve yourself by charging headlong into new opportunities. You can acknowledge your personal strengths and shortcomings and you strive to make the best version of yourself. You take huge pride in your abilities to hold your own and you relish in the opportunities to prove yourself under duress.

The Protector

Like the warrior, you are aware of strengths. However, your is different, because you value your strengths on the bonds you have formed with the people you care about the most. You are fiercely loyal to people and will do whatever you can to make sure the people you surround yourself with are happy and comfortable, even if it sometimes means sacrificing those feelings in yourself.

The Lover

You are a sappy, romantic type. You let your feelings of romance and affection guide the way you approach life, relying more on your heart than your head. You can potentially be obsessive with your affections, creating a very strong bond with your loved one. When you're in love, it's like you and your significant other become intrinsically connected, so much that you feel their feelings very strongly. Passion excites you.

The Genius

You're one smart cookie. You're always thinking about solutions to problems and the best, ways to do anything. You are inventive and creative and you like being able to think outside the box. You can sometimes go a little too far with it, though, and your ego needs deflating. Sometimes your passion for your craft lands you in hot water.
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whats a favorite? I love em all
yep that is Kazumi to a tee and poor Sayo gets dragged along with her antics.
@ZacharyGordon I stand corrected. Erza.
you mean erza?
Idk. I like Ezra.
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