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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Superman is one our our greatest icons of heroism. He's brave and strong when we're not. He defends the planet from those that want to destroy it. And he's an alien. And in the United States today, when immigration has become such a contentious issue, maybe it's time for the hero to tackle an issue that's a little closer to home.

Activists are using the hero to explain their experiences.

Comedians like Hari Kondabolu (above), and activists like Erick Huerta are using the story of Superman to frame their discussion about immigrant rights in the U.S. Superman was sent here as a child by his parents- rescuing him from the destruction of planet Krypton. As of a 2014 report there are an estimated 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the United States; a little over 1% of those are minors. Which means that Superman's experience is similar to that of over 100,000 children living in the United States.

Superman is a symbol for hope.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (both the children of Jewish immigrants), the hero has always been styled as a symbol of hope when hope is lost. It makes sense that activists are appropriating the hero to represent hope that we can resolve the issue of immigration. @jibarito @ChosenKnight @jeremimzy17 @BeannachtOraibh @ButterflyBlu @GreenLantern @Karthikkrazzy1 @DonovanMoore @GinnaL13 @karenorchado @MichaelFlanders @OGv6FATE are any of you familiar with this movement?
I love this. I think that its such a creative way to address this issue.isn't it sad how some people can find it so easy to relate to a fictional character,but not as easy for them to relate to a living,breathing person with actual feelings?if we can see the heroism in characters like superman,why can't we do the same with people that are risking their lives to live in this country?
@ChosenKnight that's such a great point. I know that part of storytelling is actually about teaching us empathy. If we read a story from another persons perspective, we relate to them on an incredible level. Which is part of the reason representation is so important- if we only learn to empathize with one group, how will we treat everyone else? Using that empathy as a tool is really brilliant in this case, because the connection to real people is so visceral
I don't relate to superman... but if he was a refugee then he wasn't an ILLEGAL alien. there is a difference and refugees are completely legal in the US. the problem I have is that there are so many waiting to come legally. we need to get them out to let the good ones in.