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Place : during the way to Interlaken, Switzerland
Date taken : April 7, 2014
I was in my 52 days trip, last year.
This photo was taken when I was on the way from Lucerne, Switzerland.
I have seen Heavenly places in Switzerland. As well another places in Europe.
These places made me realize that we don't need to die just to figure out that there are heaven or hell. They exist, in many things in our life. Heaven for me is the beauty, the peacefulness, the consciousness, the goodness, the happiness and the freedom.
These are God's gifts for us.
I am BPD, many times I've tried to end my life. 15 years suffering from it, never easy.
To go travel that time changed my mind. I wanna live my life on. Just wanna see how many God's gifts, God's creations in this world.
"This world is really huge, beauty and mysterious, How much I can see in one life time?"
I wanna figure out the answer of this question. :)