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What could be cuter than these adorable apple cupcakes??

I feel sooo happy just looking at them! :D This recipe from Make and Takes uses a really creative trick to make the cupcakes themselves apple-shaped. Check it out below!
As you can see from the photos, they use a pretzel stick for the stem, and green gummy candies for the little leaves.

To make your own, follow these easy steps!

1. First, whip up a batch of your favorite cake batter, boxed or from scratch. :)

2. Prepare cupcake pan with red liners. Use small 1/2 inch balls of tinfoil to create a "dent" in the cupcake liner, which will be the top of the apple.

3. Bake the cupcakes according to instructions. When they're done, they should look like this!

4. Now it's time to decorate! Whip up some red frosting and frost cupcakes (use a small 1/2" metal spatula if you want to recreate the smooth look of the photos).

5. Break off little bits of pretzel and stick them in the top of the apple shape. Add little pieces of gummy for leaves. Voila!!

Hope you guys like this super-cute cupcake how-to :) Be sure to share it with your cupcake-loving friends!!! And if you want more cupcake DIYs, let me know and I'll post 'em ;D
Have a great weekend everyone!! <3
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