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I might be a cosplayer, but that doesn't that I'm very good at every aspect of it! One part of cosplay that I'm really hoping to improve soon is my makeup! Many of my friends (like @angelipon and @starberry) spend so much time doing makeup tests and really work on getting the makeup perfect for the character.
In most cases, I just put on what I usually wear and make sure my acne isn't showing too much. Oops?

So my goal by the time I got to Katsucon next year is to learn to do my makeup for cosplay....so let's do it together!

1. Make Your Skin Look Flawless

I'm soOoOoOo guilty of NOT WEARING ANY sort of foundation while cosplaying. Sure, you don't need to wear it on a daily basis, but when you're going to be exhausting your body all day while getting your picture taken 800 times, well....your face could use the help? Lol!!! I don't mean this in an offensive way, but cameras don't always catch our best side, and when we have photo-ready foundation on, I've heard we're more likely to love our photos. So I'll give it a shot!

2. Study Your Character's Features!

You want to make your makeup help you look as much like the character as possible -- which might mean doing some contouring or shaping your eyes differently if you're really feeling bold! This is just one example of what you might do ^^

3. Make Sure It'll Be Photo Ready!

Lastly, whatever makeup you learn works for you in 1 and 2 above, you want to make sure it's photo ready! This video is from makeup guru Michelle Pham, and has some ideas about what you need to be photo ready! Incorporate these into your routine while putting your cosplay makeup on and you'll be good to go!!!


I forgot about false eye lashes. Ok that'll just have to be another card, another time, hahaha! Enjoy ^^

Share with those like me just haven't been bothered enough to do their makeup for cosplay! We can all do it together!