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Name: Yuki vessel Bio: she came from a very hard life as a child and she ran away from home and found fairytail her powers are controling water and some demonic power in her eye but she can have an attitude and sometimes wants to be on her own she cant trust people but she tries but she loves to have fun even if its all by herself and thats all you need to know for now @matildajgarrett @kittycommittee
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Yay this is awesome! Just search Mermaid's Storm and it will come up. it's a picture of a guild mark ^^
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Oh ok
2 years ago·Reply
wait a new guild how does one join?
2 years ago·Reply
@NormanSmith hey! I'm one of two guild masters for Mermaid's Storm. You just create your OC, tell me your name and type of magic, and you're in ^^
2 years ago·Reply
sweet well its time to start drawing again tyvm ^_^
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