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The picture above is of the cat that attacked a seven month old baby. Have you ever had one of those nightmares where you are being attacked by an evil cat? I have and they are pretty scary! I.m so releived when i wake up and there's no evil cat there ready to claw my eyes out. But for one family in Portland Oregon, it was a reality. The cat has always had a reputation of being unfriendly and mean, but on this particular day, the cat went insane. It attacked the baby scratching it on the face. The babies Father kicked the cat to get it off of the baby and the cat went into a violent rage and chased the entire family, including the dog, and they had to hide in a room. The Father called 911 and told them what happened and that the cat was still hissing and clawing at the door, terrorizing them. When the police came, they were able to capture the crazy cat. The child fortunately didn't need any medical attention. Now, The family is debating on weather or not to keep the cat. My Opinion It seems to me that if they love their child so much that they would kick the cat to save the child, then they wouldn't want to risk the child being attacked again, or having to kick the cat again, or being terrorized again. It doesn't seem like an issue that should be open for debate unless they are thinking of getting rid of the baby. What do you think?
I think it’s a better idea to let their friends take care of the cat until the kid gets older. I love cates, but it sounds unsafe for the home. :( where did you find this?
@nicolejb i found it on a site that i accessed through the zite app. i didnt want to post the link because the persomt who wrote the article was using ugly languge and it just wasnt tastful. but i can try to find it again.