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My King... - Inspired by CruciA's 'The Lovely You'

My King, I am your Queen.....
I will always be by your side until the bitter end....
My King, I will protect you in battle...even if it means taking my own life.
Even if I have to fight....
Even if my heart breaks or my crown crumbles, I'll still be your Queen.
If you fall, I will fall as well....but I'll get back up fighting until my last breath.....
Even if I have terrible nightmares that make me go insane, I want you to be by my side forever.
Every day, I worry about your safety....and I ask myself 'Will my King be safe?' as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.
But every time I fall asleep, I see King.
You're right in front of me and then you disappear out of thin air.....
I'm then all alone in the nightmares of despair I have.....looking for a way out.
My demons come out to haunt me and I start to fall to my knees as they break me to the point of me going insane......
But I hold my chest in dire pain and scream out at the top of my lungs, crying for help.
But it echoes thought my mind, repeating my cries and pleads for help.....and I start to cry.
I'm crying on the inside as well as the outside, yelling, screaming, crying loudly to the point of where you touch me and wake me up.....
But it's no use as I continue to scream to the top of my lungs...
But then I stop my cries, screams and yells as you kiss me......
I then open my eyes and see you, my King, right in front of me.
'My Queen, what seems to be ailing you?', you ask me with worry in your voice.
Tears start to flow from my eyes as I hug you tightly and start crying my heart out.
You comfort me by saying 'My Queen, it's alright. I'm here for you.'
I then look at you, sniffling and crying with tears still rolling down my face.
You then wipe my tears away and say 'My Queen, I'm here for you. I will always be by your side.'
I sniffle as I wipe my eyes and say 'Do you mean that?'
You then caress my cheek, wiping the tears away, and says 'Yes, I do. I love Queen.' before holding me close.
I do the same and close my eyes as we both hold each other into a warm embrace.
'My King...I love you.'
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