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My King... - Inspired by CruciA's 'The Lovely You'

My King, I am your Queen.....
I will always be by your side until the bitter end....
My King, I will protect you in battle...even if it means taking my own life.
Even if I have to fight....
Even if my heart breaks or my crown crumbles, I'll still be your Queen.
If you fall, I will fall as well....but I'll get back up fighting until my last breath.....
Even if I have terrible nightmares that make me go insane, I want you to be by my side forever.
Every day, I worry about your safety....and I ask myself 'Will my King be safe?' as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.
But every time I fall asleep, I see King.
You're right in front of me and then you disappear out of thin air.....
I'm then all alone in the nightmares of despair I have.....looking for a way out.
My demons come out to haunt me and I start to fall to my knees as they break me to the point of me going insane......
But I hold my chest in dire pain and scream out at the top of my lungs, crying for help.
But it echoes thought my mind, repeating my cries and pleads for help.....and I start to cry.
I'm crying on the inside as well as the outside, yelling, screaming, crying loudly to the point of where you touch me and wake me up.....
But it's no use as I continue to scream to the top of my lungs...
But then I stop my cries, screams and yells as you kiss me......
I then open my eyes and see you, my King, right in front of me.
'My Queen, what seems to be ailing you?', you ask me with worry in your voice.
Tears start to flow from my eyes as I hug you tightly and start crying my heart out.
You comfort me by saying 'My Queen, it's alright. I'm here for you.'
I then look at you, sniffling and crying with tears still rolling down my face.
You then wipe my tears away and say 'My Queen, I'm here for you. I will always be by your side.'
I sniffle as I wipe my eyes and say 'Do you mean that?'
You then caress my cheek, wiping the tears away, and says 'Yes, I do. I love Queen.' before holding me close.
I do the same and close my eyes as we both hold each other into a warm embrace.
'My King...I love you.'
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what are the alternatives to YouTube Vanced to watch videos ad-free since its discontinued?
Youtube Vanced, a modded Android app that has been very popular in receiving high praise because of its ad-free experience, is being discontinued. For those looking for alternatives, here are the best YouTube Vanced alternatives to watch videos without ads. Why is Youtube Vanced shutting down? According to reports, the YouTube Vanced app shut down because it got a cease and desist letter from Google. The developers are going to take down the download links for the app soon, but for now if you have Vanced Manager and Vanced microG installed on your device, you can use the app. However, after two years developer support can no longer be guaranteed which may result in parts or the entire app not working. The announcement of YouTube Vanced shuttering came as a surprise to many users as the app was one of its kind and offered many features over the standard YouTube client. Features like Sponsor Block, Return YouTube Dislike integration, and more made it popular. NewPipe: what is it? NewPipe manages video playback, provides seamless service to other apps aside from YouTube, and offers offline video and audio support. NewPipe, the web app that provides you with a way to access and download videos on YouTube, is made without using any of the YouTube APIs. The open source app was developed by passionate privacy-friendly developers who don't want an outside company (Google) tracking your viewing habits. The official NewPipe build misses the SponsorBlock system, but you can download it from GitHub. The next alternative is SkyTube. It lets you browse YouTube ad-free, lets you subscribe to channels, browse user comments, bookmark your favorite videos and more. The app can be downloaded from SkyTube’s official website and F-Droid. Here you can find such interesting topics: There is a version of the SkyTube app, which includes some non-FOSS libraries and extra features that Sky Tube’s FOSS app excludes. You can download this app from the official website. MusicPiped is an easy-to-use and beautifully designed music player with many of the same features as the traditional Vanced phone. MusicPiped lets you search YouTube for and play music videos from a Material Design-inspired interface that resembles a local music app. You can import your favourite playlists from YouTube or your local storage to create customised mixes for hours of uninterrupted listening. You can download this app for free on F-Droid. LibreTube LibreTube is a YouTube app that allows you to enjoy ad-free and privacy-friendly browsing. Unlike other apps, LibreTube allows you to register an account with your own subscribed channels, so you don’t have to keep track of which videos were recently released. It also has features such as the ability to browse YouTube playlists, trending videos, enjoy subtitles on videos and more. LibreTube has many features that are on the way and developers are promising them soon. You can download LibreTube from GitHub. 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You can find guides for android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks. If your device doesn't support Private DNS, you can use an app to change the DNS on your Android.
Real Talk Rod Wave Quotes on Love, Life, and Dreams
In an interview with Real Talk, Rod Wave discussed his quotes on love, life, and dreams. He began by discussing his views on love and how it is often misunderstood. Rod Wave believes that love is not just a feeling but an action. He said that love is something you do for someone else, not something you feel. He went on to discuss how love is often used as an excuse for people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Rod Wave believes love should be based on trust and respect, not feelings. Next, Rod Wave discussed his views on life. He believes that life is what you make of it. He said that if you want something, you have to go out and get it. Rod Wave also discussed how he feels that life is too short to waste time on things that don't matter. He said that people should focus on the things that make them happy and forget about the rest. Finally, Rod Wave talked about his views on dreams. He believes that dreams are what you make of them. If you want something, you have to go out and get it. Dreams are not something that happens; they are something you must work for. Rod Wave also discussed how he feels that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams if they just believe in themselves. Rod Wave is an American singer and songwriter from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is signed to Alamo Records and his debut album, Ghetto Gospel, was released on November 9, 2018. Wave's music is often described as an "emotional trap" or "pain rap", and his lyrics often deal with personal struggles and heartbreak. In an interview with Genius, Wave explained that he first started writing songs as a way to vent his frustrations and that music has always been therapeutic for him. He also said that he wants his music to be relatable and provide comfort for people who are going through similar struggles. When asked about what he wants people to take away from his music, Wave said: "I just want people to feel something. I want them to feel the pain, I want them to feel the love, I want them to feel the happiness. I just want people to feel something."Here are some of Rod Wave's quotes on love, life, and dreams: On love: "Love is everything they say it is. It's beautiful, it's painful, it's worth it."If you're not ready for love, you're not going to find it."Love is like a rollercoaster – sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, but it's always worth the ride."On life: "Life is full of ups and downs, but it. Wave's music is often described as "emotional trap" or "pain rap", and he has been compared to artists like Lil Baby, NBA Youngboy, and Roddy Ricch.
The Evolution of Weighing Scales - How Have They Changed Over Time?
We live in a fortunate time in history where we have access to incredibly high-tech instruments that can be used to measure things with absolute accuracy, touchscreen features, as well as WiFi connections that can keep us connected to the internet and provide us with the most accurate and reliable measurements possible. Although it hasn't always been this way, there is a long and fascinating history associated with the development of weighing scales. In the tomb of an Egyptian king who died around 2300 BC, a weight-measuring instrument was discovered that has been traced back to its discovery in the earliest records of weight-measuring instruments. Since the advent of weighing scales in the time of the ancient Greeks, they have been used for many different purposes, including measuring the size of meals and the determination of the weight of items. These days, weighing scales have taken a larger form and there are now different types of weighing systems. We as a leading Crane scale Manufacturer would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the most significant advancements that have taken place in this sector over the years and also give an overview of how these advancements have been made possible. The ancient metric system: It has been discovered that the world's oldest weighing scales have been found in the Indus River Valley civilization, dating back to roughly 2,000 B.C., located near the area of Pakistan that we know today. The need for merchants to appraise the value of products such as harvests, textiles, and gold during these periods became apparent as commerce expanded during these periods and merchants had to exchange their goods to pay for their products. In this case, two plates were attached to an overhead beam, which was connected to a central pole, using balancing products. Afterward, an equilibrium was achieved by placing articles on one plate and weight stones on the other. Despite the fact that these early weighing scales were quite accurate, they were not without flaws: large objects were difficult to weigh, and there was always the possibility that the object being measured might move. The firm also makes Load cells. There are various types of load cells used in industrial environments in order to measure weight. It is common for industrial processes to need these devices to control the weight capacity of hoppers, reactors, etc. We are a top Load Cells Manufacturer in the area. Beam Scale History: In ancient Greece, it is thought that the beam scale was created sometime between the years 600 and 300 BC. There were simply two beams that were laid horizontally across each other in order to construct this weighing scale, which was centered by a pivot point, or fulcrum, which was situated in the middle. Weights were added to one end of the beam until the balance was established. It was then used to calculate the weight of the item being measured by using the positions of the weights along the beam. This type of scale can be of great use for weighing large items such as grain sacks or even large people, which is one of the primary advantages of using this type of scale. In the nineteenth century, the beam scale lasted for decades before it was replaced by more precise equipment that was more accurate in its measurements. Digital Scales: These are the scales that use digital technology. A digital weighing scale displays the weight of an item on a digital display, making it an electronic weighing scale.