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The Black Rose and The Red Spider Lily - Alice and Alicia: Life or Death?

Demons.....they possess people and torment them for days on end.
Humans......we demons torture then until they're dead.
But what hell means to me is my never ending nightmares of my sister and friends dying, my sweetheart of a boyfriend getting killed by my mistakes, and most of all - killing myself.
And what hell means to me is making my dear Alicia suffer day after day. I want to see her broken of her own free will and begging for her boyfriend to come when she can't save herself.
The human, myself, represents the red spider lily. What the red spider lily means in the language of flowers is this: Never to meet again, lost memory, abandonment.
And the demon, myself, represents the black rose. What the black rose means in the language of flowers is this: Black is the color which has always been associated with death and the dark side of human nature. Death is not the only meaning attached to black roses.
But this is my definition of the red spider lily: People will never want to meet me again, my memory shall be erased and forever forgotten, and then people, including the ones I love, will abandon me and leave me out here to die in this violent filled world.
But here's my definition of the black rose: I, Alice, want Alicia dead. Because I wears black, I represent death. I want to keep torturing her until I take away her last breath, killing her. Every time her pathetic boyfriend and his brother kill me, I come back into Alicia's broken body stronger than before. I'll keep doing this until I take over her body......
How can I kill the demon inside of me without killing myself? Can I try to fight back Alice and save myself or get killed by Alice?
How can I break the human that I can take over her body without her trying to save herself? I'll make sure she can't fight back and save herself - if she does, I'm going to kill her.
However, my dreams and nightmares are made of despair.
I'll make her nightmares full of solar flares!
She thinks my life is a game.
And she thinks that she can burn me with a flame.
But here's the question that's on my mind. How can Alice even confine me if I'm already broken?
Here's the answer - I've already confined her in the depths of her swollen and darkened heart!
She wants to take my life and make it a dark black art.
She wants me dead so that I can't turn her into my own work of art!
What's it gonna be, Alice? Life?
Or my last breath?
Bold - Alice
Not Bold - Alicia
And this last line is both of them. This was inspired by my ongoing book, 'The Demon Inside', which you can read here.
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