I care about you, my king.
Your angelic light shines brighter than a diamond ring.
Your light green eyes are like the color of spring.
You are the light to my darkness, the yang to my yin.
Everything about you is amazing that I don't know where to begin.
When I first met you, I instantly knew that we were a match.
We had one video game in common at the time - Danganronpa.
Later on, we started talking and talking more about our interests.
Now look where we are now.
You started teaching me the ways of your favorite TV show, Survivor.
You got me hosting my first Survivor season ever and you were my co-host.
You asked me to be your co-host for two of your Survivor seasons because you never wanted to replace me.
You've taught me a lot and I'm still learning.
As your girlfriend and Mastermind, I say these words to you:
'Keep teaching what you like and I'll be able to learn from that.
No matter what, reach for your goals in life.
We're not perfect - we all have made mistakes.
And despite the fact that through our darkest days,
We still have each other.
I love you.'