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"I get obsessed by nerdy little things in my corner that no one else is interested in". I love anime, gaming, kpop, Kdrama, Kfashion, Jap fashion, and my #1 ultimate crush is Kiko Mizuhara (: I'm new here, I don't have many friends who are into the same thing I am, I'd love to meet and make new friends ☺
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lol stop it . you're so funny lol
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BRO I'm into gaming (minecraft and lol) and I'm soooo into kpop and dramas!!! That's so cool!!! I like your look! #letsbefriends
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@micahsaysnihao I'm not much into minecraft, but I do play at times bc all my brothers play it downstairs . and thanks ☺ Lol I've added you as a friend! 👍
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Yay! !! I have a realm if you ever want to join!!!
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