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Hello Vinglers!
Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D (Durarara!!)

A song from one of the most under-rated animes out there. This band shows the essence of what Durarara has to offer. Just by listening to the beginning of the song, you can already feel what kind of anime Drrr! is. Kinda deep, and when the J-Rock comes in, it feels like an adventure about to start and when the chorus starts, it feels that the anime is not all that serious and epic~

Original MV by the band, and the full song will keep you headbanging even more all day~

Close your eyes and listen!~

For those who want to be tagged or removed, let me know!

@littlemaryk As I said in the card, it just fits perfectly into Drrr! @ButterflyBlu Nice! Imma go steal them riiight now~ @MajahnNelson You might get more confused lol but if you love the anime as I do, youll still enjoy it. @TomStalcup Yup my favorite has to be "Pride Kakumei" by Chico
have you ever checked out any of the gintama openings they have so many great ones to offer d
@RosePark, lol I'm watching you, mister!! If you ask nicely, you know I will share. ;)
Love this song and love this anime although I haven't watched X2 yet
I freaking love ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. I seriously do. Their album, From Dusk to Dawn, is one of those that I keep in my top played list. Lol. (Evil Messenger!) This is another great choice, my friend. <3
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